SOMAS ball segment valves offers the following:

  • Dimensions in the range DN25/2 - DN700.
  • Pressure classes PN10 - PN100.
  • DIN, ANSI & BS Flange design.
  • Totally stainless steel material.
  • Three different seat material.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Manual, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic actuation.
  • Body option for eccentrically mounted ball segment for clean hot medias like steam and gas at high temperatures - maximum 550°C.
  • Trim options available as options to solve problems with noise and cavitations.
  • Explosion proof is available (ATEX Certified)


 SOMAS butterfly valves have many advantages. They offer the following:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions DN80 - DN1200
  • Pressure classes PN10 - PN100
  • Mounting between flanges, with lugs or flanged
  • Stainless steel seat is not affected by high flow rates replaceable seat in alternative materials
  • Explosion proof is available (ATEX Certified)
  • Advanced triple eccentric design acheieves excellent tightness

Type SKV 

  • Dimensions DN25 - DN400
  • Pressure classes PN10 - 25 (DN80 - 400), PN10 - 50 (DN25 – 50)
  • Full cylindrical bore for maximum capacity
  • Hard chrome plated ball as standard. HiCo-coated as an option
  • Seats in PTFE 53 or HiCo (High Cobolt alloy)
  • Manual, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic actuation.

Type S36  

  • Dimensions DN8 - DN100
  • Pressure class PN50
  • Full cylindrical bore for maximum capacity
  • Two alternative seat materials: fibreglass reinforced PTFE or carbon filled PTFE
  • Totally stainless steel material
  • Three alternative pipe connections. Threaded, weld ends or flanged


  • Dimensions DN50 - DN600
  • Pressure classes PN10 - PN25
  • High capacity means low pressure drop and minimal energy loss
  • Closing time is short due to the seat angle in the body
  • Replaceable shafts for ease of maintenance